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The Power of Good Advice.

Theodora Dickinson is an experienced political campaigner and social media marketer.

She offers bespoke political communication and social media solutions for candidates and elected representatives. From councillors to Cabinet Ministers and everyone in between.



Social Media Solutions
  • Management of your social media profiles

  • Production of videos and graphics​

  • Creation of a bespoke target audience for Facebook

  • Opposition rapid rebuttal

“In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” 
Website Management
  • Design and management of your website

  • Content creation

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Political Communications
  • Designing, editing, and producing content for literature

  • Email newsletters

  • Direct mail

  • Fundraising



  • I have run general and local election campaigns.

  • I worked for the Vote Leave campaign.

  • I have been a Campaigns Director for a third-party campaigning organisation.

  • I have worked in Parliament

  •  I worked for Conservative Central Office during the 2015 election.




"A very committed and hard working campaigner."

Alun Cairns, Secretary of State for Wales


"One of the few at Central Office who actually got what its all about,

more should take a leaf from Theodora's book." 

Nick Churchill, Harlow District Council

"Theodora is hard-working, comes with a proven record of success and has a heart of gold."

Molly Samuel-Leport MBE, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate


"Theodora is a conscientious, dedicated, friendly, and professional individual with a vast amount of experience in Campaigns and Social Media. Her commitment goes above and beyond to ensure the best outcomes possible, and would be an asset to any team, project or campaign."

Marina Muttik, Team 2015

"Dedicated. Principled. Committed. Hardworking." 

Greg Smith, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate 

"It was great working with Theodora at Conservative Way Forward.

She is a great campaign manager with amazing communication skills and personality." 

Richard Semitego, Britain Stronger in Europe


"Theodora is an excellent campaign manager with a deep and thorough understanding of the campaigning process. She works exceptionally hard and is dedicated to the task at hand through to its completion. She is a real asset to any campaign team."

James Hamblin, Back Zac 2016 Team Leader





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